You’re criticizing my article by repeating my arguments back to me.

You write “I don’t think you get there by viewing Trump as the cause of a populist movement; the populist movement’s been going on for some time. Trump’s a result, not a cause.”

The article notes the current populist movement predates Trump by many years, says “the forces are bigger that he is,” says they’ll will outlast him, and argues that he’s deviated from it in significant ways.

You also write that “Sanders voters are no different from ‘right-wing apartists’ when it comes to their views on globalism, broad international trade agreements, and the like.”

Exactly. The article says many Sanders voters have “an Apartist profile” and argues that a Republican party moving more in the direction of opposing free trade would “pick up more of the Sanders voters.”

That agreement between groups currently classified as political opponents is exactly why I’m calling this a realignment.

Senior Editor at Arc Digital. Poli Sci prof (IR) at U. Illinois. Author of “Drones and Terrorism.” Politics, national security, and occasional nerdery.

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